Labels (working title) is an exploration into why we label eachother and the remifications of this behaior

In my latest work, I have asked individuals to allow me to make portraits where they pose with a label that has been applied to them. I then make these portraits into collectable objects, tchotchkes of a short.

The point is to illustrate how labels can objectify individuals, while at the same time providing a platform for individuals to take ownership of a label, therefore exerting their own control instead of the reverse of how labels can contain us if we allow them to. The end goal is to create 300+ portraits.

These 300+ portraits will be displayed in galleries on long shelves crowded together so that visitors need to pick them up and handle them to see the image clearly and read the label. The “touchable” nature of the pieces is to help create a more intimate relationship. When we touch objects we give them more importance to us personally, the act of touching makes them precious. Then the overall effect of the artwork becomes two fold. First individuals are made into objects with the thing that has objectified them. Second the viewer invests time and therefore importance by handling these objects. In the end, this forging of a very round-about relationship removes the power of the lebel and illustrated the need to know people as individuals, not as the labels they may fall under.

To achieve this goal I need help:
Well if you read this far, thank you ☺️. If you're interested in participating, an even bigger THANK YOU!!
If you can help circulate this to others that might be interested, I'll be eternally thankful!!

Here's how to participate, checklist style.☑️

  1. decide on the label you want to take ownership of
  2. get a big piece of white paper, a standard sheet folded in half long ways worked great for me
  3. find a big black marker
  4. make your label sign
  5. find a friend, loved one, especially skilled dog to take the picture of you and your label
  6. email the pic to
  7. in that email please also tell me how you want your name to appear.
    Whole name, just first name, pseudonyms are totally cool to.

Photo tips and tricks:

  • cellphone/smartphone photos are totally cool, just use the main camera it will look infinitely better!
  • fill the frame with you and your sign (don't be too far away)
  • simple backgrounds (like an empty wall) are best
  • lots of light!!! Sitting near a window can be great
  • pose how you want, this is your photo! No rules at all
  • make the letters thick, that way they can be read more easily

Finally, thank you for even considering bring part of my artwork.