"See Me"


"See Me"

Seeing has everything to do with what we are looking for. Seeing each other for who we are and the value that we each posses is important. It is a large part of how we empathise with each other. What if you were invisible? What if you were made to be invisible? What then? How could you change your circumstance?

When seeing each other breaks down, individuals become part of the daily routines background noise. Easy to ignore, easy to walk by, easy to avoid eye contact with. What becomes harder is to see each other once again. We begin to make assumptions, categorize, and isolate each other. All in a reflexive effort to maintain our own comfort level. Taking the time to actively seek out who each and every one of us is repairs that loss of vision. We each need to look beyond ourselves and our social comforts to see the people we are surrounded by.

Some day it may be us that has become invisible and needs someone else to see us once again.